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My name is Ashley and I’m a huge lover of good vibes, meditation, yoga, traveling, music, writing and experiencing life to the fullest. I created this blog to post about those topics, and a few others mixed in!


Not unlike most people’s healing journey, mine started when I was in a deep downward spiral.  I was in my early twenties and completely consumed by fear, grief, confusion, and anxiety. If I didn’t change something about my life, I wasn’t going to make it another year.  But at that time, I was still focused on changing everything and everyone AROUND me instead of looking at myself and my ways of thinking.

Over the last four or five years, I’ve slowly started to realize that happiness starts with the willingness to look at oneself.  Once I was ready to start that path, there was no turning back no matter how afraid I was at times. Once I opened to the possibility of learning new ways of thinking and living, teachers I could learn from presented themselves in almost every way.  I was finally able to see ways I could take responsibility for my life, which in turn helped me take back control of my life.


My journey started with yoga, A Course in Miracles, and a willingness for self-study.  It developed to accepting the idea that our highest selves are at peace and all-loving; that this is our true state. I learned about love and fear, and the idea that we might all just be in one big hallucination fueled by fear. Past lives, intuition, and surrendering to the bigger plan have all helped me trust in the Universal plan to know that I am exactly where I need to be, even if it’s in a difficult place.

The spiritual path does not have a final destination. It’s a continual, daily, and situational commitment to be the best person you can be and bring light into other people’s lives; to be kind to yourself and others. I hope the things you find on this blog help in your healing no matter where you are on your path.



SPIRAL OUT, KEEP GOING is, of course, a Tool reference (one of my favorite bands ever!).  It has a deep meaning to me and perfectly expresses what my wish is for anyone who visits this blogspiral outside of your typical spaceexpand your mindreach for the unbelievablereach past your fearsBe kind to yourself and others. Keep going no matter what challenges you’ve had to face.  Grow into the beautiful person you were created to be, and don’t be afraid.


With infinite love ~

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