How Do You Define Spirituality?

Yoga teacher training wraps up in under a month, and now is the time to put into words and practice everything we’ve learned in the last five months.  We have to complete a test, and one of the questions was “How do you define spirituality?”  This was my answer, and thought some of you might enjoy this perspective:

I used to think spirituality had to be connected to a religion. I interpreted religion as basically being a doctrine authoritatively pushed upon the individual.  To me, religion was a way to control people’s behaviors by instilling fear and shame and guilt into their lives if they did not follow the beliefs put forth.  As I have grown and been open to learning, I’ve realized that spirituality is more of a willingness towards inner-study and connection to a higher power, whatever that may be.  Spirituality is not a destination but a continual journey throughout life to understand yourself from a Divine truth perspective and serve others to bring kindness and love to this physical realm we reside in.


There is freedom in a spiritual practice.  It does not have to be restricted and hindered by fear of a higher power.  It can bring a deeper level of purpose to one’s life – if you let it.



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