It all started with an idea implanted in my mind
Once it was there, it spread to each and every cell
Intoxicating light breaking through the darkness
I took a leap of faith and found my tribe
Now more than ever my soul is shining bright
Curiosity, transformation, expansion
Acceptance, empowerment, love
I am fully alive
I am hopeful
I am connected
I am exuberant

How Do You Define Spirituality?

Yoga teacher training wraps up in under a month, and now is the time to put into words and practice everything we’ve learned in the last five months. ¬†We have to complete a test, and one of the questions was “How do you define spirituality?” ¬†This was my answer, and thought some of you might enjoy this perspective:

I used to think spirituality had to be connected to a religion. I interpreted religion as basically being a doctrine authoritatively pushed upon the individual.  To me, religion was a way to control people’s behaviors by instilling fear and shame and guilt into their lives if they did not follow the beliefs put forth.  As I have grown and been open to learning, I’ve realized that spirituality is more of a willingness towards inner-study and connection to a higher power, whatever that may be.  Spirituality is not a destination but a continual journey throughout life to understand yourself from a Divine truth perspective and serve others to bring kindness and love to this physical realm we reside in.


There is freedom in a spiritual practice. ¬†It does not have to be restricted and hindered by fear of a higher power. ¬†It can bring a deeper level of purpose to one’s life – if you let it.


FREE Online World Summit Starting Tomorrow

This is by far one of my favorite events each year! I have been looking forward to it since the last one, and am happy to share with you all this wonderful opportunity.

Hay House is one of the leading publishing companies in self-help and new thought genres covering topics from happiness, to nutrition, to numerology, to angels, to shadow work, to mindfulness, to meditation and so much more.  What you can learn through Hay House can be life changing.

My supervisor at my previous job suggested I check out the world summit last year because I was starting to become more serious about spirituality and changing my perspective in life. ¬†I signed up and was instantly excited… the world summit has 100 or so audio recordings that you can listen to for free, all from their authors. ¬†If you want to learn about past life regression, there is a recording about that. ¬†If you love Wayne Dyer, there are plenty of his talks available. ¬†There are also movies to watch.

Best part – it’s all free. ¬†Amazing. ¬†Check it out ūüôā

Click here to go to the Hay House World Summit website ~ starts tomorrow!

Podcasts Galore

Up until a year ago, I had never listened to a podcast. ¬†If anything, podcasts just seemed weird to me. ¬†What is the point of them? ¬†How are they even any different from the radio? I’d always seen the “podcast” option in the drop-down menu in iTunes but never ventured past my own library and the music store.

My boyfriend listened to a few podcasts, and I have to admit the ones he listened to just affirmed my idea that podcasts were full of annoying people who could talk for hours about their opinions, and was just a bunch of people who liked to hear themselves talk. Then I realized those were just the type of podcasts he was listening to, haha! He listened to Free Beer and Hot Wings and the Zane Show… which is great, but it just wasn’t my deal.

Somehow I started to venture into the podcast section of iTunes, stumbling upon so many interesting podcasts. ¬†I became slightly obsessed. ¬†For months all I listened to in my car were podcasts. ¬†When I was cooking… podcasts. ¬†When I had a few minutes of free time… podcasts. ¬†And I went through them quickly, getting to the last episode of all the podcasts I subscribed to way too fast. ¬†Oddly enough, even though they were “only” podcasts, I felt excitement for the next episode or chapter as if I was watching a television show or reading a book.

For a while, I didn’t go back onto iTunes to download new episodes and I kind of forgot about podcasts. ¬†I recently downloaded a ton of new episodes for the podcasts I subscribed to and was ridiculously excited to immerse myself into podcasts galore again ūüôā

Lore by Aaron Mahnke:

This is a wonderful podcast about true life scary stories. Aaron explores the roots of fears in the human psyche while telling stories from a historical perspective.  I had no idea, but Lore is now an award-winning, critically-acclaimed podcast.  There is going to be a book series, television show, and a live tour.  Exciting things for Lore! Check out the Lore website here.

Unexplained by Richard MacLean Smith:

Spooky podcast about true life events that continue to be unexplained.  This podcast also explores the human psyche, how we make sense of things, and our need to attach a scientific viewpoint to strange happenings.  Check out the Unexplained website here.

TED Radio Hour:

If you have never heard of TED Talks, research it.  Basically, a person who was passionate about a topic gets up on a stage and either tells a story or goes through a Powerpoint presentation.  Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are serious, sometimes they are inspiring, sometimes they are demanding action from those listening.  So many different topics to learn about! So exciting! Check out the TED Radio Hour website here.

Alice Isn’t Dead

This is by far one of the strangest stories I have ever heard. This podcast is much different than the above podcasts because Alice Isn’t Dead is a fictional story. ¬†The story follows a truck driver across America who believes her wife is dead. Along her journey she stumbles across unexplainable situations and people, and at times this can be a very creepy, weird, and strange story! Not for everyone, but give it a chance because it’s worth it! Check out the¬†Alice Isn’t Dead website here.

And, of course… it’s May 4th.