It looks like I am going to do some work on my inner child.  She keeps coming up… and there are signs from the Universe to follow the journey through.  I listened to an interesting podcast this morning on Insight Timer (great app… check it out) about the Inner Child.  I haven’t seen any podcasts about it after looking through hundreds of options and then BAM this morning, there was one after being faced with looking deeper into my inner child yesterday.  And the perfectly timed little tantrum I had after that moment yesterday (hehe).  And then today, I get an email from LonerWolf (check out for some really great soulwork information) about “openness.” Here is what the email said:

Main keyword for this week: OPENNESS. Openness is about having a willing and receptive heart. When we are open, we invite new opportunities and experiences to further our growth. The opposite of openness is having a closed and constricted heart that is barred off from the world due to fearful beliefs.

Soulwork: What new situation, person, emotion or opportunity are you being asked to keep an open heart towards? Remember that openness only arises within us when our hearts are trusting. If your heart is fearful, explore what the root cause of this fear is. Are you scared of being hurt, destroyed, or abandoned? Remember that your Soul is always there for you as your ultimate source of guidance, love, comfort, and support. Nothing can truly harm you. The more open you can remain towards new experiences, the more you inner growth will skyrocket. 

We hope this week’s message helps you to further your self-realization.

With love,

Luna + Sol


2 thoughts on “Openness

  1. Very well said! It’s the ego, that emptiness of being nothing, that drives fear within and without. And when it sees the whole falseness of itself without any effort or resistance, only then we can know what it is to share, be open, and let the fragrance of our core wander.


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