Lonerwolf – How to Channel Your Soul Through Automatic Writing

If you’re interested in writing, journaling and/or you’re on the spiritual path, you might enjoy this great article.

I think this automatic writing thing happened to me the other day during yoga teacher training.  It’s hard to explain what happened, but all of a sudden it’s as if my stream of consciousness ceased and another one started.  I tried to catch myself but I wasn’t able to organize my thoughts and I was writing without consciously doing it – it became automatic.  After a few sentences, it was as if I came back to my consciousness and typical type of thinking, and I completed my journal entry.

During that time I knew something had just happened, but I hadn’t thought to go back and read it until reading the above article.  When I went back and read what I wrote, you can clearly see a disconnect in the type of writing between one section of the journaling exercise and another.  Some of the words that I wrote aren’t typically something I would write either.  Very interesting…


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