Traditional Shamanic Drum Journey – Tim Norton

Ever since the Shaman yoga class the other weekend, I can’t stop listening to Shaman music.  Pandora has a great channel, “Shamanic Journey,” but I also have found some really great artists on YouTube.  I came across this one today and had to share.  From the Shaman perspective, we have our every-day, ordinary awareness that comes with daily behaviors, patterns of belief, and social norms.  And then we have another type of awareness we can dive into which can be done by listening to repetitive Shamanic drumming.  When we enter this state of awareness (soul flight) we can see life’s problems from a detached view – which always helps to bring clarity.  Shamanic journeying helps us to connect to our inner spiritual light, and we can do that by listening to music like this (you can see how this is similar to meditation – quieting oneself and journeying deeper into self).

If you’re interested in learning more about journeying, check out this website.

For Tim Norton’s clip, see below.  You don’t want to miss it!


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