Congressman To File Bill Requiring A Psychiatrist At The White House – HuffPost

For a long time now I have wholeheartedly believed that Donald Trump is a narcissist.  He could legitimately be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder in my eyes.  His supporters believe his rapid-fire approach since he was inaugurated is “making progress like your ‘Hero Obama’ never did,” but in much of the world’s eyes, he just looks unstable.  Erratic.  Scary. Dangerous.  To be honest, the way he handles himself and how he has handled this country since his inauguration is disturbing. His behavior is not what the President should be doing. He is working so hard to keep people out of the United States he says will hurt us – I think the one “leading” this country will hurt us. Hurt more people, more Americans, and at a way faster rate.  He is the one we need to be afraid of.

Now, do not get me wrong here – I am not saying people with mental illness should be feared.  That is not what I’m saying at all.  I work in the field and know that people with mental illness are some of the most caring, sweet people out there.  They do more work on themselves to be happy than most people do.  BUT someone like Trump who I personally think has narcissistic tendencies should not be our President. Narcissistic behaviors by definition are not fair and serve the larger population – it serves one person.  There should have been measures in place before now to make sure that whoever has this much power and access to nuclear war codes is 100% physically and mentally healthy and stable.

The President is supposed to be our leader.  He or she is supposed to protect us, be level-headed, be diplomatic, and be engaging with other countries in a helpful way.  He is not doing that.  As said in the article I am linking below, “His disconnection from the truth is incredibly disturbing.  When you add on top of that his stifling of dissent, his attacks on the free press and his attacks on the legitimacy of judiciary, that then takes us down the road toward authoritarianism. That’s why I’ve concluded he is a danger to the republic.”

There has been such resistance towards his decisions in the last few weeks – and I am glad. Resistance from all different types of people from all over the world, including other leaders.   Let the revolt continue.

Click here for Huffington Post article.


2 thoughts on “Congressman To File Bill Requiring A Psychiatrist At The White House – HuffPost

  1. This is a great idea! That article specifically says that there’s never been a psychiatrist before because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. I think having one there could go along way toward eliminating that stigma.


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