Shaminic Yoga

This past weekend I attended a day-long workshop about Shamanism and yoga.  The morning yoga routine was wonderful, and basic yoga poses were given different names.  Instead of anjaneyasana (low lunge) it was called “Earth shaman,” and utthita ashwa sanchalanasana (high lunge) was “Sky shaman,” and adho mukha svanasana (down dog) was “coyote.”  I have no idea if the ladies who did the workshop came up with those names or if it is a consistent thing in the yoga community that connects Shamanism to yoga.  But it was pretty amazing.

We had Shamanic journeys, aka meditations.  During the first journey, I realized that Harley, one of my dogs, is an Earth guide for me.  The story gets much more intricate and interesting but I’m not sure I feel like sharing it right now.  Maybe in a future post.

It was an incredibly healing and transformational day, and I definitely want to learn more.  Here is one picture from the day: the altar all of us there designed together at the start of the workshop.  I have been so lucky to meet my tribe through this personal transformational time, and during such a tumultuous time in politics.  I am part of the love revolution.



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