Honor the Process of Spiritual Growth

Don’t wait for things to change.  The change you’re waiting for will come from within you. Start to nurture yourself through each stage of your evolution, your spiritual growth.

Waiting for things to change is a tiresome, irritating process. But embracing your own emotions and growth is exciting. It can become a positive challenge that turns life into a vital, interactive process.  The moment we surrender to this process, something happens. If we feel an emotion – an old, stuck, hardened chunk of emotion or a new one that has arisen along the path, we can release it and the belief attached to it: I am unlovable. Life has to be hard. I deserve to be punished.

When we release the emotion and the belief, our body shifts. It detoxifies. Changes. A new lesson then emerges.  We discover we can choose joy, freedom, forgiveness. The lessons that can emerge are as unique as our old beliefs. We wrestle with each new lesson as it grows and appears in many different forms – on the job, in love relationships, in all the arenas of our lives.

Soon we come to a new conclusion about ourselves, about life.  I am lovable. I am creatively feeling what God and the Universe have to offer me.  I am free.  I can bring my full essence and energy before the world. Then when we change, when our beliefs change, our lives change. The change we’ve been waiting for happens, but it happens as a result of our own evolutionary process – not because we waited for something or someone in our lives outside ourselves to change.

Trust this process of change. Honor it, respect it, revere it. You no longer have to wait for something to happen.  Something is happening right now, within you. Welcome the changes that can be yours.  Let life help you, as you take an active part in creating these changes. Let the process become living, interactive, and magical. 

-Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul

by Melody Beattie


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