Current and Recent Reads

When I was young I read constantly.  I was one of those kids who brought a book everywhere and read every chance I had, even if only for a few minutes. I loved reading so much, I wanted to write my own stories.  I remember sitting in the next room over from where I am sitting right now as a ten-year-old typing away on an old Compaq computer. Now at almost twenty-nine years old, I have no idea what my stories were about but I sure did think they were great back then!

As I grew up I started to not read as much and became obsessed with music. So instead of my nose in a book 24/7, I had headphones on 24/7. Eventually, teachers asked me to stop taking my headphones off in class because I had them on so much and still got A’s in all my subjects.

In college, my reading was purely academic and I only read a handful of books out of personal interest.  Two being “Magical Thinking” and “Running with Scissors” by Augusten Burroughs.  Other than that, I bought books here and there with intention of reading them but they all ended up dusty on the bookshelf.

Life and “adulting” hit after college and reading definitely took a backseat.  I would try to read a book but stop a few pages in, or half-way through.  It was too hard to concentrate or make time for reading. About a year ago I decided that reading brought me happiness, and I had to make time for it in my life.  No more excuses! The first book I fully read after years and years of yo-yo reading (haha) was The Shining by Stephen King. And I was hooked again.

So as a part of this blog, I’d like to post my current and recent reads and I hope you find some great book suggestions.  I don’t want to necessarily write summaries but just brief insights about the book, so if you have any deeper questions or insights of your own, feel free to comment!


One of the most exciting books I read as a child was the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I only got a few books into the series, and by the time the last book came out, it was ten years later after reading the first one.  That meant I was ten years older and had different interests.  I never finished all the movies either, so I had no idea how the story ended.  One of my goals was to finally finish the series and this year I did! I can’t recommend Harry Potter enough.  It’s not only a magical story, it’s one of hope, courage, friendship, and family.  And not to mention, you’ll feel very accomplished after reading 3,407 pages!


The Path of Transformation by Shakti Gawain is a wonderful book.  It was the first book I had to read for Yoga Teacher Training. This book helps to connect the dots between how increasing individual consciousness can impact the collective consciousness, and how walking the path of transformation and awakening can heal yourself and the World.  If you are interested in learning more about spirituality, awakening, finding peace, and changing your perceptions, this is a great book to start with.


Over the last few weeks, I included a lot of thoughts about this book in my posts.  It is a wonderful book about letting fear go to live curiously and to express yourself creatively.  It is exactly what I needed to read as I start my journey as a writer.  And yes, even though I am “only” blogging and don’t have a huge following, I am putting myself out there.  And that’s really what this book is about – following your passions no matter the outcome. It’s about finding your voice and knowing you have a right to share it with the World.


This. Book. I have no idea where to start. I was ordering something on Amazon one day and remember stumbling across this book.  It intrigued me so I ordered it.  And then it sat for a few months until I desperately needed a change in genre in the books I had recently been reading.  Goodreads says, “In this smart, suspenseful, and intense literary thriller, debut novelist Iain Reid explores the depths of the human psyche, questioning consciousness, free will, the value of relationships, fear, and the limitations of solitude.”  I was surprised by the ending and liked how he kept you guessing the whole time. I was worried the ending would be a let-down after such an intense build-up, but the ending did not disappoint.


I am back to reading texts for Yoga Teacher Training.  I am not very far into this book, but basically so far it is discussing medical intuitiveness and energy medicine.  She describes how to tap into your intuitiveness, and the importance of healing yourself because “biography becomes biology.” Where I am in the book now she is going over basic principles of energy medicine, and looking forward into the book she discusses how different religions describe energy, how they all work together, and how to overcome/heal limiting beliefs that cause energy blocks in your own body. This book extensively discusses the Chakras if you are interested in learning about them, and guides you in “questions for self-examination” concerning each Chakra to initiate healing of each energy center. I’m looking forward to finishing it!



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