Role Reversal

Some days you are the one who needs to hear the inspirational, positive words you usually share.  Some days you can’t see past the cruel game you feel life is playing.  Some days you don’t want to see past it, but want to give up instead.  Check out. “Yes, I’d like to pay my bill now please. And no I won’t be returning. My stay was awful.” The continual ebb and flow of life is what will kill me. Not disease. Not a fluke accident. Not old age. But the continual ups and downs of life, slowly wearing on my spirit and on my soul. On my mind and on my body. Withering away the hope I try to instill within myself. Without hope, what do we have? It’s not that I can’t experience peace and happiness. It’s not that I can’t survive through hard times. It’s that I’m tired. I’m worn down by these waves of life and sometimes getting back to the sweet spot for such a short visit is too much. Remembering that these difficult and frustrating times are temporary is helpful. But then I remember the happy times are temporary too. Everything is temporary. And we return to the ebb and flow. The waves of life. Return to some days you just need to receive instead of give.


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