Sister Giant: On the Intersection of Spirituality and Politics

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Well, there is much to be said about the recent Presidential campaign, the election, the time between the election and inauguration, the impending inauguration, and of course the next four years in which an absolute buffoon will be the President of America.  I will not deny that when I went to bed election night after watching a brief amount of news on how the election going, I was livid.  I cried. Out of pure fear. Yes, apparently I was one of those whiny Democratic babies that can’t accept life and reality (despite being a person who typically falls between Democrat and Republican, and leans a little more towards the Republican side).  I cried out of fear because I had witnessed a man project so much blatant hate and ignorance out into the World, and actually develop a following.

Much of my conversation during the campaign and as the election came closer, was with similar minded people who agreed that he was so disgustingly ignorant and hateful, that it was scary to the safety of others.  He had been compared to Hitler, which I did not disregard. Comparing our President-elect to Hitler may seem far-fetched for some, however if you read how Hitler came into power it was slowly and over time.  He did not just enter into power and start killing millions of people.  It was a methodical, intentional plan he put into place once he had the power to do so. He played on the frustrations of the German people and promised to make everything great again.  He did not initially express wanting to murder millions of innocent people to make Germany great again, but that was his plan all along.  He blamed the hardships of the country on certain groups of people and because the German people were so sick of their lives and conditions, some of them went along with it.  The second we start singling out certain groups of people, we have an issue. To think everyone in one group all believes and acts the same way, and is the sole cause of strife, is ignorant, hateful, and a dangerous way to think.

We should not watch someone act the way our President-elect has, and dismiss it.  We should take it seriously.  After all, politics, the people we elect, and the people who slither their way into offices, dictate a lot of how we live our lives.  And the harmony or disharmony of the World.

There is a saying by Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

People supported this person simply because he was different than the typical politician. They wanted something different. The gap between the upper and lower class is growing, and there is a lot of anger towards that 1%.  Most politicians are not in that 1% because they don’t make enough money to be.  Business tycoons are in that 1%.  People like the childish boy we elected.  So the question remains why people think America will be great again with a rich, self-indulgent, narcissistic, immature business tycoon leading the country?  If anything, this just helps to solidify the gap between upper and lower class, but hey, at least we got someone different in there.  Apparently that is all that matters.

After a few months into this mess, he is confirming the hesitations of millions of Americans.  “Communicating” via Twitter, electing people for his cabinet that have minimal education and proven close mindedness, and continuing to be vague in his answers concerning important topics.  I hope that he proves us all wrong, and he is a great President because that is obviously what I want for this country, but my heart says that is not what is going to happen.

In the mean time, what do we do? I do not agree in aggressive and violent protests that block highways.  Most of the people joining such events just see a bunch of people and think they can become invisible in a crowd.  Then they act in a way that is disgraceful and destroys the integrity of the protest.  Exact case in point: not everyone who protests would act in such a way.  But if you are simple minded and group all protesters together as engaging in such behavior, you are participating in a type of thinking that is what is tearing this country apart. And the type of thinking our President-elect has openly promoted.

I agree with your right to protest peacefully.  I agree with educating yourself on how to move through this horrific situation gracefully and in the most beneficial and helpful way possible.  That is what the spiritual path promotes and stands by.  How to gracefully move through life’s challenges.  This is why I invite you to check out Sister Giant.

Sister Giant is a conference being held in Washington, DC February 2-4 and is “on the interactions of spirituality and politics.” Now before you think “Oh, here we go with all the whiny, unrealistic, kumbaya shit…” hear me out.

On the Sister Giant website it reads:

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Politics should be sacred.” Sacred doesn’t necessarily mean religious – it means stemming from the deepest part of ourselves.’

The search for authenticity, for our deep humanity, should not stop at the door to politics. If anything, it should extend deeply into realms that affect so powerfully the existence of earth’s billions of inhabitants. From how we treat the environment to how we treat each other, our political choices are significant indicators of our moral values and spiritual convictions.”

I could not agree more.  Spirituality is so much more than just God and praying.  It’s a connection to your true self, your inner light and guidance.  I believe a big reason we are seeing so much suffering in the world, and hate like our President-elect promotes and has deeply ingrained in him, is because most of us are not able to connect with our deepest selves.

Again, from the Sister Giant website, “Sister Giant is dedicated to forging a deeper conversation about what is happening in America today – and what we can do to change it. Join us at this time of national tumult that together we might rethink our country.”

If you are not able to make the conference in-person, they have a livestream option, which is how I will be following the conference.  It is $50 for access to the livestream, however if you email them you can receive up to $25 off.  If you want to understand more on how we can REALLY make America great again, I think this conference is a wonderful opportunity. I hope you will consider watching.


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