How to Clear Emotional Clutter

This is an article by Jake Eagle ~ he is one part of the Eagle duo! I was introduced to Jake and Hannah Eagle when I read Jake’s Book “ReRight Your Life.” I stumbled across one of their articles about Reology on and I so fully connected with what they wrote, I went to buy his book that evening. Upon finishing it, I checked out their website and found they offered retreats. I knew I had to meet them both in person and learn more about using Reology in my daily life.  I told them where I was in my journey, they approved me to attend, I paid my deposit, and six months later I was in Ocate, New Mexico at a wonderful compound called Ocamora to learn from them for an entire week.  While I was there I ate with my fingers.  I didn’t speak to anyone for hours in the morning, as that was our daily ritual.  I did not use my name “Ashley” (as a matter of fact, no one knew my real name except Jake and Hannah, and no one knew my ‘story’ or anything about me, which was liberating), and at any moment I could change my name to whatever I felt called to.  I went through a few names there, but one that stuck with me was “Freedom.” We meditated, we connected, we were comfortable with our alone time, we fed each other, and we all grew in our own ways. It was an amazing experience, and many days I think of my time at Ocamora with my Reology family.

This article is short but outlines what Reology can do for you.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in asking me questions about Reology, ReSpeak, and the retreat I went on.

The Answers to Life’s Problems


4 thoughts on “How to Clear Emotional Clutter

  1. This is brilliant. I’m a true believer in the fact that a cluttered work space makes it hard for me to work. I’d never thought about how much worse a cluttered mind is for my productivity.


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