What Strikes You as Funny?

Recently, I was playing a social skills question game with my clients, and one of the most dear to my heart clients chose a question that asked, “what strikes you as funny?” His primary diagnosis is schizophrenia but he is also cognitively impaired.  He exhibits thought blocking, so even if he wants to share something with you, he has a difficult time organizing his thoughts to do so.  He also will become distracted when attempting to verbally communicate with others, and you will have to remind him of the question you asked him.

He is an incredibly sweet person whom I love to interact with.  When you get him on a good day and he shows some excitement to share something with you, it’s the best experience.

However yesterday, my interaction with him concerning what he thinks is funny and makes him laugh saddened me.  He was unable to identify anything that he thought was funny or had made him laugh.  He sat for a while and I reiterated the question a few times, but he stated, “I don’t know.”  He was genuinely confused about anything that could make him laugh or feel joyful.

And then I realized… I have worked with him for about a year and a half and have never seen him laugh, or smile for that matter.

I am eternally grateful I am able to experience life fully, and at my will.


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