Spiral Out

Well, once again I have shied away from Facebook. The first time I ever got rid of it was because so many people were judging what I posted and offering their opinion on how I could fix my life. There were great suggestions, however at that time in my life I needed to shrink my world a little bit. And being continually connected to hundreds of people via a social networking site wasn’t serving me. I got it back to reconnect to others. A little while later a jealous ex-girlfriend of a guy I was introduced to by my friends stole my picture and created a fake profile of me. Once again Facebook brought drama I wanted no part of. And at that point I started to realize the negative impacts of social media, along with the simple fact that I was spending way too much time on it. Once again, I was Facebook-less for a year and a half. A few months ago I decided to get it back to help my Mary Kay business. Recently I’ve decided I want to put my energy into other things, so Facebook seems more like a time-suck than anything at this point. It doesn’t add anything of value to my life, and the more conscious decisions I make about the way I’m spending my time, the information I’m letting bombard me, and who I interact with, the better. I find myself again wanting to disconnect and making a life for myself as simple and non-technologically based as possible.

I plan to post my own thoughts here along with helpful articles, music, and healthy recipes. I also will be including personal updates, pictures, and what I’m currently reading/book suggestions.

Much love and light, everyone ✌🏻


2 thoughts on “Spiral Out

  1. Good for you, Ash!! You’re stronger than I am. I find myself being too engrossed in Facebook sometimes. And other times, I feel like I haven’t done much on Facebook. I’m normally a troll, finding myself typing responses to people’s stupid (in my opinion) posts, and end up deleting the comment because I realize I’m letting the original poster’s comment aggravate me. I did that twice, just today!


    1. I can relate to being too engrossed in what pops up on my news feed, and putting in a lot of energy into what I’m saying – or not saying lol. It ends up taking up a lot of my time and at the end of the day, I don’t feel like it benefits me. I’d rather express myself on here (I have another personal blog I’ve had for years) and find myself much less bombarded with the constant stream of information and connectivity to others that you find on traditional social media sites.


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